How to turn photos into paint by numbers?

Clearly, you can basically pick anything picture you like, but remember, a definitive aftereffect of your arrangement in like manner depends upon the image you pick, so this movement is indispensable. Here are your desired things to ponder while picking the ideal picture for your Custom Paint By Numbers changed unit:

  • Select an image with incredible splendor, distinction, and sharpness.
  • The establishment should not be unnecessarily confused, so the point of convergence of the material would be the basic figure instead of its enveloping.
  • Ensure that the photo is perceived, not clouded.
  • Zero in on the detail, this will either address the critical point in time your artistic work.
  • Pick a photo that is less difficult for you to paint, especially accepting it’s your most noteworthy time with Paint by Numbers.
  • In case you’re picking a photo of your pet, we excitedly recommend a close by view, to make it more low down and subject-focused.

What’s for the situation?

1x Custom organization on material (unframed and rolled)

3x Paintbrushes (extent of sizes)

1x Custom course of action of paints (we as of now use tubes, not pots! saving your paints fresher for longer)

1x Reference picture for an assistant

1x Paper format so you can screen which number goes where


  • Closeups with extraordinary lighting and separation work best

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